Having been raised Catholic, I must confess that I’ve found myself sitting in a church pew, fantasizing about what might be under the clergy’s robe on more than one occasion. Sure, many priests are older, potato-shaped and generally unattractive – but every now and then you get a nice, young hottie fresh out of Seminary school and ready to… do the Lord’s work. Of course, we all know priests are human, and just like the rest of us, they have sexual desires. They’re not supposed to act on these desires, but another thing we all know is that they sometimes do. In Rock Candy FilmsA Priest’s Confession, Jimmy Fanz plays Father Daniel, a handsome young priest who’s not only gorgeous, but he’s also willing to act on his inner yearnings for men. Well, kind of willing anyway…

Truth be told, Father Daniel is caught-up in somewhat of a moral crisis. Upon finding himself with a hard-on for one of his parishioners, Steven Lockwood (played by Tommy Defendi), Father Daniel confesses his attraction to fellow priest Boston Miles. Instead of sending him to say ten Hail Mary‘s, twenty Our Father‘s and seek God’s forgiveness, Boston send him to altar boy Chase Young who is more than happy to satisfy the good Father’s carnal urge to fuck another man. He even lets Boston get a piece as well.

Even though Tommy’s getting it on with eager-for-some-big-dick Rod Daily, he still finds time to slip a hotel address to Father Daniel in a confessional. When the two men finally get together, the sexual energy between the two is intense. They passionately make-out before Tommy’s cock becomes the center of attention. He fucks Jimmy hard and fucks him well, with both men exploding in orgasm at the end.

At least in the opinion of this reviewer, religion – Catholicism especially – is filled with sexual undertones and A Priest’s Confession puts them beautifully on display. With so much recent media coverage concerning Catholic priests and their sex lives, it would have been very easy to turn this film into a piece of daddy-meets-twink filth that straddles the line of good taste. And though that concept certainly could have been great in its own way, director Nica Noelle has made A Priest’s Confession into film about sexual struggles we all face (especially gay men), and it’s about as tasteful as gay porn can get while still being incredibly erotic. I loved it, my dick loved it, and I’m pretty sure yours will too. Get on your knees and say a prayer not to bust your nut during the first scene. You’ll want to stick around for the whole ride.

4 out of 4 stars Reviewer: J.D. Luvdacock


Kinky Angels? Yes they are
With big thick cocks that shine like stars
Tons of foreskin, lots of cum
If you don’t get off you must be numb

Kevin and Jack are the Best of Friends
Forget eights and nines, these guys are tens
Both have bodies that could make a dude sick
You’ll get all tingly and rub your dick

Gino Mosca and his boy Kris Evans
Will make you die and float to heaven
Did I not mention Jim Kerouac?
I doubt I’d survive his big cock attack

They do not speak English but why would you care?
Their asses are tight with barely a hair
Their faces are gorgeous; their muscles, perfection
They treat every load like a sticky confection

There’s foursomes, threesomes, and couples too
Deepthroat blowjobs and thick white goo
Bareback ass fucks that go balls-deep
They’re all Best Friends… who’d rather fuck than sleep

More power to ‘em.

3.5 out of 4 stars  Reviewer: The Porny Poet



by Tim Santana on August 2, 2013

I must admit, watching Trenton Ducati get kidnapped and tossed in a van while clad in a dapper suit in the opening scene of Raging Stallions/Monster Bang’s Hole 1 was nothing new for me. You see, I pretty much have this same fantasy every night while I lay in bed. The man simply oozes sex and (at the risk of making myself sound like a total creeper) I completely understand how easy it could be to find yourself formulating a plot to make him your personal sex slave. Of course, I prefer to fuck the willing – but I’d sure bend over backwards and do a few dozen cartwheels if I could get this Adonis to role play with me.

The idea of Hole 1 is that a band of oversexed henchmen have snatched Trenton curbside and are delivering him to a cell inside some sort of sex prison. Closed-circuit cameras deliver the goings on of each cell to the prison’s warden, played by Josh West, via a panel of monitors in his office. The first monitor we close in on displays images of cellmates Donnie Dean and Landon Conrad getting down to business. After exchanging various oral pleasures, the men trade ass-fucks as well. As a Madonna fan, I’ve always loved Landon’s “Like a Prayer” tattoo, but it sure doesn’t hurt that he’s fucking gorgeous and has a huge cock.

While trying to get comfortable in his new digs, Trenton watches Angel Rock getting blown by Tyler Wolf on a TV screen in his cell. A jock-strapped, cock-ringed good time is had by both men and, after bottoming like only a pro can, Tyler eats the cum that Angel sprays into his waiting mouth. J.R. Bronson is practically mummified in plastic wrap, blindfolded and bent over waiting for Adam Killian to eat and fuck his ass in scene three, and Jimmy Fanz is the lucky guy in scene four who gets to suck on and be fucked by Tommy Defendi after he pisses into a bucket. Finally, Tommy, Adam, Angel and Josh are joined by Luke Milan in scene five to give Trenton a star-studded bukkake. Sadly, this scene lasts only a scarce six minutes(!) – and “What the fuck?!” is pretty much the only statement I can muster.

Had the six-minute-long Trenton bukkake scene been longer, Hole 1 would have been a four star affair for sure. I was so disappointed by the scene’s length that I’m tempted to take a whole star away – but seeing as it was the fifth scene from a studio that commonly only includes four scenes in their films (and seeing how those four were pretty much top notch) I’ll only subtract a half. I’m hoping the “To be continued…” message that displays before the credits means that we’ll get to see more of this surely amazing scene in Hole 2, but until then I’m holding a grudge – and I’m part Italian, so I do that quite well.

3.5 out of 4 stars  Reviewer: J.D. Luvdacock


NakedSword‘s Undiscovered depicts the sometimes-awkward-always-intriguing, “Hi. How are you? Let’s fuck,” nature of the porn industry. Instead of working with a written script and hiring men (who may or probably may not be trained thespians) to act it out, director Mr. Pam lets her actors be her storyline. Whether it’s their first time fucking on camera, or at least one of their first times, all the guys in Undiscovered are trying to become gay porn stars. Examining the reasons why a man would agree to get naked and fuck a stranger on camera is a script-worthy idea in and of itself. In fact, I’ve seen this done a hundred times before, but never through such a realistic lens. Undiscovered is… intimate – in a way rarely seen in the often very graphic gay porn world.

Before the action starts to amp up, we’re introduced to the guys as they’re getting ready to film their scenes. Often they’re interviewed while in the midst of hair or make-up, and in one form or another, they usually make a comment about the alluring physique of the man they’ve been paired-up with. First up are Wolfie Blue and Tyler Alexander. Tyler is gorgeous young buck– like that jock you would’ve knocked-off five straight girls to get your lips around during freshman year at college, and Wolfie has the cute to match Tyler’s cool. It’s a flip-flop fuck with both guys taking it in the ass, ending with Wolfie dildo-fucking Tyler’s hole while he cums.

Scene two comes courtesy of Justin Chase and Ethan Slade. Ethan looks like a cross between a hotter Adam Lambert and more feminine Pierre Fitch, while Justin has a very “small town boy” look about him. They take turns playing top and bottom as well, and Justin gets a nice mouthful of cum at the end. Trevor Laster and twinky Jackson Taylor (real life boyfriends of one year), make love in scene three, and the closer comes courtesy of Marcus Isaacs and Leo Forte, the latter of whom actually helps coach the guys throughout the entire film.

The men of Undiscovered make having a dick up your ass look like more fun than three mollies and a pair of comped VIP tickets to Coachella. They relish every second of camera time and sometimes the action gets downright intense. Though I always try to keep an open mind when I press “play” on a film I’m reviewing, I honestly thought Undiscovered might be a cheaper, thrown-together-at-the-last-minute release when compared to the rest of NakedSword’s top quality DVD releases. Turns out I was wrong, and once again mr. Pam and co. have left me thoroughly impressed. You’ll have as much fun watching Undiscovered as the guys had filming it. Bravo on another job exceptionally well done.

4 out of 4 stars  Reviewer: J.D. Luvdacock


TumbledownCoverTumbledown, the latest drama from filmmaker Todd Verow (who also appears in the film), examines the cause and aftermath of a sexual assault from three different perspectives.


Rick (co-writer Brad Hallowell), a bartender, meets young, blonde cutie Mike (Brett Faulkner) and his older, muscular lover Jay (Todd Verow himself) during one of his shifts. Not long after, Mike calls to invite him up to Jay’s vacation spot on Tumbledown Mountain for the weekend – provided Rick can secure some party favors for the occasion.


Once Rick arrives, it becomes clear that he and Mike have a special attraction that neither of them share with Jay. Jealous, Jay concocts a sinister revenge scheme and invites Rick back to the house two weeks later – under the guise that Mike will be joining them again. Rick’s memory of this particular weekend is fuzzy… until he receives a video in the mail revealing that under Jay’s friendly and reserved exterior lies a manipulative and abusive monster.


Possibly the most prolific gay filmmaker around today, Verow works quickly and cheaply, but always fills his films with provocative ideas and themes. He packs Tumbledown with naked flesh and titillating imagery that wavers between sexy and scary – particularly in the creepy, dream-like opening where a vigorous sex session is interrupted when his own character’s ominous, shadowy figure enters the room like the uninvited boogeyman.


Also, for those of you who shy away from dark thrillers like this one, you can rest easy knowing that there is also some well-timed romance in the mix to lighten up the proceedings.


Tumbledown is coming to DVD on July 23rd, but you can pre-order your copy now at TLAgay.com.





If you enjoy dark-colored clothing in tatters, light leather accessories, tattoos and dimly-lit sex clubs filled to the brim with beautiful men and their large, stiff cocks, then Heretic is the film you’ve been waiting for. Show me a gay man whose dick doesn’t jump at just the mention of at least half of those things and I’ll show you someone with erectile dysfunction. While Heretic might not be the go-to film of the year for every viewer, you don’t have to be a big leather-head muscleman to get off watching it.

First on the roster are Jessy Ares and Alex Marte. After the men take turns sucking each other’s cocks, Alex (whose moans are beyond comprehension) gets slammed by Jessy atop a pile of punching bags adorned with duct tape. It’s certainly hot, but the camera angles in which the tripod-mounted spotlights are visible make it very clear that you’re watching big studio porn and not just two guys fucking in a sex club.

Tommy Defendi and James Ryder go hard in scene two (James is Golden Age Hollywood handsome), while Jimmy Fanz and his hairy asshole play bottom to Alexander Garrett’s big-dicked top in scene three. Ty Roderick and Tyler Wolf wrap things up with scene four; Ty appears quite a bit less groomed than usual and Tyler appears to relish every second he has with the stud, especially the facial Ty gives at the end.

The hook-ups in Heretic are about as hot a July day in hell, but there doesn’t seem to be much that defines one scene from the next other than the guys, and – with a couple of exceptions – even they would appear similar to an undiscerning eye. If you’re in it for an excellent cinematic experience, it’s quite possible that Heretic will leave you a tad disappointed. If you’re it to shoot your wad on the other hand, have at it boys!

3 out of 4 stars  Reviewer: J.D. Luvdacock



June 28, 2013

You know you’re in for one hell of gay porn ride when the opening shot of a film features Blake Daniels in a wrestling singlet gagging Dominic Pacifico while he’s laid-out on a stainless steel table wearing only a jockstrap and sneakers. Dominic’s legs are held in the air by some sort of trapeze-looking apparatus […]

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June 21, 2013

TitanMen’s Scruf is a bit of a hairy situation – and by that I do mean that all the men featured are a bit furry, but I also mean that it’s a bit lackluster. Recent Titan titles, such as Grind and Nightfall, were quite impressive. They were edgy, different and nothing short of a rock-hard […]

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June 21, 2013

In the opening shot of Out in Public 8, Marc Dylan insinuates that he’s so horny he’ll be willing to shove his umbrella up his ass to get some action if he can’t find a guy. While that actually sounds kind of hot (at the very least, worthy of a view), this is a Big […]

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June 13, 2013

If you don’t mind slow, methodical films that take their time setting up an environment and gazing longingly at the faces and bodies of their actors, Des/Esperando has a lot to offer. Reminiscent of last year’s award-winning South-African hit Beauty, Des/Esperando follows a married man whose refusal to leave the closet will lead to his […]

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